We now reward loyalty and trading activity!

Certain new features result in minor changes, while the other changes the entire game. Loyalty program belongs to the latter one. With this program, you won’t need to pay more for any advantages of professional tools, but you’ll get them for the time of trading. How do you like the possibility to have over 13 advantages and professional tools for only 24 months of active trading?

New loyalty program

We have initiated our new loyalty program. It has simple rules: meet one out of three conditions, get the corresponding status and the advantages and professional tools related to it. The conditions include the time you trade actively with us, deposited amount, and balance. Active trading means at least one open trade month. You can be promoted from the basic Starter status to the Standard, Prime and VIP status. You’ll find the type of status from the progress bar in PurpleZone. The higher it is, the more advantages and tools you’ll get. Loyalty and active trading with us pay off!

Trader statuses and conditions

What kind of advantages and tools will you get?

Immediately after registration, you’ll get the possibility to use the Purple Strike Indicator, the Purple Bands Indicator and the Purple Extreme Indicator, assisting you with respective analysis of market situation. Furthermore, you’ll be able to use the online platform fxSimulator or the Mentor and Statistical analysis of trading applications, helping you to test strategies, adopting the right business habits, control your emotions and conducting unconventional trading analysis. We consider all these tools as so much beneficial that we have decided to allow it to traders, regardless of the status. Moreover, with any status improvement, you’ll get up to 5 new advantages or tools. There are lower spreads and commissions, deposits and withdrawals free of charge, VPS server, or an AOS programmed for free. You’ll get the advantages and tools connected to the Starter and Standard statuses automatically. Those related to the Prime and VIP statuses can be applied for by asking your dedicated Account Manager. You can find a more detailed description and complete list of advantages and tools here.

Evaluations of statuses

We’ll evaluate you, our existing clients, according to your trading history. You are not going to lose anything. On the contrary, you can be promoted to the VIP status (e.g. in 24 months of active trading) immediately and you can gain number of new advantages and professional tools. However, if you want to register now, you’ll be promoted from the Starter status to the Standard one immediately, but any drops or promotions to the Prime and VIP statuses are always solved at the end of the month. Therefore, you can improve or decrease your status each month. So, if you find out in the first half of the month, that you could drop from e.g. the Prime status, don’t worry. You have one more half of that month to fill this gap. It’s all in your hands.

So, will you join?

Your capital is at risk.
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