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We bring you exclusive opportunity to copy trades of professional traders and take advantage of their experience and abilities. All of this in a fully regulated environment throughout the EU with the highest possible security of your capital.

Compare investment strategies and choose the right one!

Being successful in trading in financial markets in the long run requires experience, education and ability to adapt to the market. Thanks to our special technology, you now have the opportunity to copy trades from the professional traders. We offer features our clients may choose to use when they want to review the past performance and profitability of each trader, as well as details regarding each strategy.
World Crypto Strategy is categorized as a medium-risk digital currency CFD trading strategythat works on a short to ...
Very sophisticated Swing Trading Strategy. This is Not a scalping strategy. It is an investment method of trading ...
Atlantis is a trading strategy based on searching overbought or oversold markets. Counter-trend positions, which ...
This is a medium–risk Combined strategy. It has been trading since March 2020.
Conservative Forex Trading is a manual trading strategy in which a certified trader uses many years of experience in ...
OceanBlue Fund is an algorithmic Forex system based on the principle of Adaptive Momentum Breakout. This ...
Smart trading strategy is exclusively based on manual trading, composed of price action, volume profile, position ...
The MFB Digger Basic strategy is based on a Trend Following logic and operates through a semi-automated system ...
The strategy is the result of the 12+ years of experience in the trading business. It is a swing trading strategy ...
Every strategy provider is motivated by a share from the gained profit, and he therefore receives a performance fee only if your investment is profitable.

Let's invest with us!

Your capital is at risk.

Choose the strategy you like

Approved clients, who we hope you will be, can choose a strategy that corresponds to your risk profile and follows your preferences. For this purpose, a filter (see the image below) is available to help. You can choose among strategies with the following risk ratings:

  • Low risk
  • Medium risk
  • High risk

How to connect to selected strategy

You can easily connect your account to your selected strategy in a few easy steps:

  1. It takes just 2 clicks to choose strategy and connect with your account (5 if you decide to change the balance currency).

  2. For every chosen trading strategy a separate trading account needs to be created. This usually means that you need to wait. But since we don't enjoy torturing our clients we have shortened the whole process. This way, your brand new trading account is created within few seconds and you can start funding it.

  3. If you thought that there has to be more than 3 steps when it comes to connecting to a trading strategy we will have to let you down. Third step is also the final one and it means that at this point you have already funded your account and the ball is on our side, meaning that we need to connect you to a chosen trading strategy. We promise that this won't take more than 1 working day.

And that’s it! Your account will now focus solely on receiving trading signals from the strategy you selected. If you are not satisfied with the results of the strategy you are following you are free to halt it at any time. If you then wish to invest into a different strategy, just follow the steps again. Don’t worry, you can create as many accounts as you want or need.


Set up a bearable loss ratio with CapitalGuard 

Think of it as a safety net that ensures the potential losses do not reach a level that could sting. Simply put, CapitalGuard is a manifestation of our statement that Purple Trading is a broker playing on your team.

So, how does it work? 

CapitalGuard monitors the status of each investment strategy and prevents any losses which exceed the levels set by you for the strategies you follow. If such event occurs, CapitalGuard will immediately stop all your trading under the affected strategy and disconnect all investment accounts, including yours.

If Copy Trading has caught your attention and you are considering giving it a go, go ahead and check out the PurpleZone. Or, you know what? Just give us a call, we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions regarding the terms & conditions.

Let's invest with us!

Your capital is at risk.
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