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Story behind Purple Trading

Purple Trading provides innovative international brokerage services supported by Purple Technology. We have a vision changing the rigid principles in financial sector and coming up with ideas breaking down the established status-quo.

We do not come from prehistoric world of major financial corporations. We are visionaries, innovators and we bring the change, which is a little bit purple, into the world of financial markets.

David Varga, Executive director

David is a prime example of a true purple soul. When not organizing product and process development and coming up with strategies, he likes to torture himself and his colleagues with a variety of sports, or plan his next adventure travel. 

We don’t need to point out his mindblowing drive and working morale – the fact that he studied the Masaryk University Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Law simultaneously and has become quite a name in the travel enthusiasts community before becoming the director of Purple Trading does it for us. He rose to fame as a travel lecturer, creating stunning professional photographs and videos. 

David has been with Purple Trading since day one and knows it like the back of his (often sunburnt and scratched by all the hiking, climbing and, generally, sporting) hands.


Jan Roh, CEO

Jan serves as the main export of Ostrava candour to Cyprus. This picturesque island is where the Purple Trading headquarters and Jan as its chief are both based. His anecdotes are as legendary as his approach to the toughest business challenges. While for some such obstacles represent a source of distress, for Jan they are a source of inspiration to create jokes and poems which, in form of short collections, have been entertaining his colleagues for years. 

One could call the skill of finding balance between the air of professionalism and the ability to find fun in difficult situations an art. If we consider it so, then thanks to the immense effort Jan puts into coordination of the regulators’ requirements and the Purple vision, we can say that he has become quite an artist!

The mentioned type of art is keeping the Purple spirit alive and is the exact reason why we are a broker you don’t have to be afraid to reach out to.

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