64.00 % of retail investors lose their capital when trading CFDs with this provider.

CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 64.00 % of retail investors lose their capital when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.


Explore all your CFD trading and Forex trading needs at Purple Trading. Enjoy the advantages of low spreads and swift executions for seamless online trading. Benefit from our free deposits and card withdrawals, coupled with the peace of mind that comes from choosing a regulated broker. Purple Trading is your go-to platform for a secure and efficient online trading experience in CFDs and Forex.

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Frequently asked questions

How long does the process of withdrawal request take?
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Bank wire transfer
Bank wire transfer for SEPA payments in EUR takes usually 2-3 working days.
Cross-border payments in other currencies (e.g. USD or GBP) usually take up to 5 days. 
In case of a domestic payment within the Czech Republic (CZK), the wire transfer takes usually 1 working day. 
The speed of wire transfer depends on bank cooperation and their opening hours. 
It is required to withdraw the funds to the same bank account which was used for the preceding deposit. These bank details are automatically saved to your PurpleZone immediately after your successful deposit. In order to withdraw money to another bank account, you will be requested to send a deposit from the desired bank account. 
The purpose of the deposit is to identify the bank account holder. Once you deposit the funds, new bank details are then automatically saved to PurpleZone and you can request a withdrawal. It may be a deposit of any amount, which covers all necessary bank fees. Your withdrawal request is then processed within one business day and you will be notified about the approval via email. 
Card withdrawal  
Funds will be received to the approved credit card within a few days after notification (up to 15 days). 
Performance fee
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A monthly fee is calculated from the profit on the equity at the end of trading hours on the last day of the calendar month. Open positions are included in this fee as well. If an investor's account is in a loss at first and then, subsequently, turns profitable, the performance fee is charged once the loss on the account is restored.
What is CapitalGuard?
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It is a technical function that monitors the development of equity on a specific managed account connected to a strategy. If the maximum allowable drawdown loss is exceeded, CapitalGuard will disconnect the account from the strategy and automatically close all trading positions in that managed account and clear all pending orders. This effectively prevents further potential losses.

Based on the tracking of trades, deposits, and withdrawals, CapitalGuard calculates the High Water Mark (HWM) for a given managed account. The HWM is the highest equity achieved, which is used to track the highest account balance achieved for client accounts. The HWM is recalculated with each balance transaction in such a way that the drawdown on the account before the balance transaction and after the balance transaction remains the same.

No new positions are opened on the investor's account during the time period spanning from the activation of the CapitalGuard (and closing of trading positions) to the successful disconnection of the investor’s account from the strategy. For a better understanding, you can see an example of how CapitalGuard works.

How are clients deposits insured?
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Clients’ funds are insured against a potential bankruptcy of our banks (the one holding clients’ funds) up to the total amount of €100,000 per client. Our Company cooperates with EU licensed banks and keeps clients’ funds in separate client bank accounts from the company’s own funds as to ensure protection of client funds.

Additionally, the funds of every retail client are insured against a potential bankruptcy of our company based on our membership at the Investor Compensation Fund up to the total amount of €20,000. This insurance arises from European legislation and is required and monitored by the supervising institution CySEC. 

The security of funds is also increased by the STP model of offered services of Purple Trading, the model without the conflict of interest. Purple Trading sends all the clients’ trades directly to the interbank market. Clients’ funds are then strictly used for trading and not for any other purposes.

How do I change the leverage on my account?
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As a retail client, you cannot change the leverage as this process is possible for professional clients only. Every live trading account is automatically opened with leverage given by ESMA regulation. Since each instrument has given leverage, feel free to check the overview of instruments with specific leverage which can be found on our website.

The highest possible leverage for professional clients is 1:500. How to become a professional trader and what is the available leverage please take a look on our website. (Leverage 1:500 is valid only for forex, the leverage is not taken into account for CFD trading.)

What is the average speed of execution of trading orders?
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Our trading server which is located in London, Equinix (LD4), is directly connected to our liquidity pool. 
Therefore the speed of execution of trading orders reaches only around 100 milliseconds.
More information can be found on our website, where we have more information about our trading statistics.




Are there any account fees?
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Opening, management and potential deactivation are free of charge for all trading accounts
The only fee is charged if an account is in “dormant” status. For more information about dormant accounts see chapter VI. “About Purple Trading” - question 6 “What Is dormant account?
What are the fees for deposits and withdrawals?
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Detailed pricing is stated by individual requests in PurpleZone. However, if a basic overview is what you searching for then this LINK will do.
Is there a fee for connecting to a strategy?
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Every strategy has individually-set conditions based on an agreement with its provider. Conditions and related fees for each strategy may be found in PurpleZone. We may (but do not have to) charge one of these following types of fees:
performance fee = a monthly fee calculated from the profit at the end of business hours on the last day of the calendar month directly from the item “equity,” so that even opened positions are taken into account. In case the investor’s account is in loss and then in profit, the fee is charged after the loss on the account is restored. 
management fee = investor’s share of the balance that is credited to the strategy provider each month. The percentage is given for one calendar year, therefore 1/12th of this fee is charged every month. 

front fee (deposit fee) = a fixed percentage of every deposit an investor makes is credited to the strategy provider’s account
Front fee
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A fixed percentage of every deposit an investor makes when investing in an ETF / strategy is credited to the ETF provider’s / strategy provider's account.
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Commissions are the fees that the trader pays to the broker for arranging the trade. Some brokers do not charge commissions because their costs are covered in the spread. Brokers that do charge commissions, on the other hand, usually have very low spreads.
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Price difference between ASK and BID prices.
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A fee charged for holding a trading position overnight. It is expressed in points or percents and it is directly proportional to the volume of the trading position held. Please note the Swap for Forex pairs and precious metals is being charged 3x on Wednesday, which includes also the weekend swaps. (Swap is charged at Wednesday - Thursday midnight) For other symbols is being charged 3x on Friday. (Swap is charged at Friday - Saturday midnight)
64.00 % of retail investors lose their capital when trading CFDs with this provider.

CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 64.00 % of retail investors lose their capital when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.