How do I open a trading account?
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Please find the registration form HERE
Once you have sent us completed application form together with the correct documents we will process it within 1 working day. All communication with us should take place via the email address filled into the registration form.

What documents do I need to register?
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You will need two valid official documents for the registration: a document proving identity and a document confirming the residential address
The identification document - valid, colored passport copy (upper and lower side) or a two-sided copy of identity card. We need to see the whole page of the document with all its edges and corners visible.
Confirmation of address - address can be proved by submitting one of these accepted types of documents: 
-        a utility bill (e.g. for energy, telephone, internet connection...)
-        the bank account statement, bank account confirmation
It doesn’t have to be your permanent residence address, but it has to be the address you actually reside at. The document must contain a name, address and date of issue (not older than 6 months). The whole page of the document with all edges visible must be submitted. Screenshots are not accepted. Feel free to cover any sensitive data. 
You can upload both documents while filling out the registration form or sent them to our Support team via email later on. We are obliged to register these documents in order to be in accordance with our license conditions. We also require them to be updated once they expire. Adress-confirming document is considered valid if it's not older than 2 years since the date of issue. Don’t worry, we will notify you via the email and PurpleZone notification system in case any of these documents expire.
What you should know before your first trade?
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1. Display available trading symbols
MT4 on PC
After logging into MT4, right-click on a Market Watch window on the left side of the trading platform and choose the “Show All” option. For trading on the STP account, use all symbols with “_stp” suffix. So that if you want to trade, for example, the EURUSD currency pair, choose the “EURUSD_stp” symbol. Symbols without a suffix are not available for trading.
MT4 for mobile apps
Download the MetaTrader 4 app and log in to your account.
MT4 app login.
Click on the Settings icon (3 lines in the upper left corner) -> Manage Accounts -> “+” -> “Login to existing account”. In the search bar, choose the PurpleTrading-01Demo server for a demo account or PurpleTrading-04 for a Live account.
Click on a “Markets” -> “+” -> You can add trading symbols you wish to trade in the upper right corner. For example “ECN Forex” -> “+” -> “EURUSD_ecn”. 
MT4 app login
Click on the Settings -> New Account -> Login to existing account. Choose the PurpleTrading-01Demo server for a demo account or PurpleTrading-04 for a Live account.
Click on a “Markets” -> “+” ->  You can add trading symbols you wish to trade in the upper right corner. For example, open the “ECN Forex” and click on the green “+” symbol afterward. This will show you available trading symbols.
With the cTrader trading platform, all symbols without a suffix are available.
2. Market interruption - when it’s not possible to trade 
In the time between 23:59 and 0:05:59 (server time on MT4 and cTrader platforms), there is a trading interruption affecting all trading symbols (with the exception of cryptocurrencies) caused by the transferring of liquidity into the following day. During this time, low liquidity is typical for the market. This can lead to uneven spreads. Trading is enabled again after 0:06.
In reality, this means that the opening or amending of new positions is not available and in case the market reaches the desired price (for stop-loss or take profit, etc.) during this time, the order will not be processed. It will be processed only in case the desired price level is reached after the 0:06 when it’s possible to trade again.
You can trade cryptocurrencies during the 5 working days without any limitations. For example, from Monday 0:00 to Friday 23:30 (server time). Each and every open position is closed automatically by Friday 23:30 (MT4 and cTrader server time).

How many trading accounts can I open?
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The quantity of trading accounts is not limited. Completing the registration form is only necessary for the opening of the first trading account. You can open an additional account by clicking on the button with “+ Create New Account” and by choosing the desired account type, trading platform, and currency afterward. We will send you a confirmation together with access data to your registered email address. 

Which currency can I open a trading account in?
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A trading account can be opened in EUR, USD, GBP, CZK or PLN.
Are there any account fees?
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Opening, management and potential deactivation are free of charge for all trading accounts
The only fee is charged if an account is in “dormant” status. For more information about dormant accounts see chapter VI. “About Purple Trading” - question 6 “What Is dormant account?”
Can I open a trading account for a legal entity?
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Yes, you can open a trading account for a legal person that is registered in the European Union. If you want to know more about the conditions for the establishment of a corporate trading account, feel free to contact our Support team at
What is the difference between STP and ECN account?
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STP account has no commission charged per trade, but there is a higher spread compared to the ECN account.
The spreads are lower for the ECN account - from 0.1 pip + fixed commission 10 USD / 1 round-turned-lot / trade. For lower trading volume, the commission is charged proportionately, e.g. 1 USD/0.1 lot/trade.
The first trading account that is automatically opened to a client is in STP account type.
Commission and spread may be lower within our Trader Status loyalty program.
How do I open a demo trading account?
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You may find the demo account registration form on our website HERE
A demo account is created immediately after completing the form and all credentials are sent to your registered email address. You can set up the account type, leverage, currency, trading platform, and initial deposit while filling out the form. You can change all these settings later on by sending us an email request to
Or, if you already have a live account you can create a demo account in your PurpleZone. Log into your PurpleZone, click on the “FX and Crypto Demo” tab then click on the “+ create a new account” button. 

I am having trouble logging into to my demo account, is there any time limit?
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Demo account automatically expires after 90 days of inactivity after the last login (i.e. if you do not log into your demo account for 90 days, it expires). It is automatically deleted afterward and cannot be restored. This applies to all trading platforms.
Logging into your demo account at least once a month will help you to avoid its expiration.
Remember that you can always create a new demo account and that the quantity of demo accounts per client is unlimited.
Is there any difference between a demo and a real account?
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Yes, there is. Trading orders from a demo account are not executed on the interbank market, so the trading is just virtual. 
We try to make the conditions of a demo account to match conditions of a real account as much as possible so that you can try trading basics and work with MetaTrader4 or cTrader trading platforms.

There are no delayed data set up on demo account - bars are forming according to the market conditions in real-time. Execution on demo accounts is instant, i.e. every trading order is always opened and closed immediately after entering and always at a given price.

On a real account, every trading order is executed on the interbank market and must be paired with its counterpart. This process is not instant and can take up to several hundred milliseconds. During this time, the best current price on the market may change and the order can be filled at a slightly different price, therefore slippage may occur. The final price may be influenced positively or negatively by this.

How do I close my trading account?
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Request for deactivation of a trading account must be sent via the registered email address of the client to our Support team to Deactivation can be processed only with a zero balance on the account and it can take up to 5 working days. 
A demo account is closed automatically after 90 days of inactivity
How do I change my registered email address?
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You can change your email address any time you want. Just send an email request to our customer support. Also, bear in mind that this request must be sent from the originally registered email address.

If you cannot log into your email we will accept a request from the new email address too but we will need you to take a selfie while holding your passport or ID. Let us assure you that this is not some kind of new viral trend but a security measure that we have to follow in these cases.
It takes up to 1 business day to change the email address.
How do I register as an Introducing Broker?
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If you are interested in starting an IB (introducing partner) cooperation with us click here for more information. There’s also a short form for completing the application. After filling it in, be ready to be contacted by our sales team. Or if you don’t like waiting, you can email us directly at
How do I register as a strategy provider?
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Let us know by filling out a short form on our website where you will also find more information, or email us at Our sales team will contact you shortly.
Residents of which countries do you accept as new clients?
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Due to our regulation we can only accept client registration from EEA countries (European Economic Area) - Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, the UK, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

Unfortunately, we can NOT accept residents outside the European Union and also Belgium, France, Russia, Switzerland, and Gibraltar.
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