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Where do I download the MT4 trading platform?
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You can download the MT4 trading platform for free via a link that will be a part of the Welcome email. 
If you don’t feel like searching your inbox for the Welcome mail, you don’t need to. Just download the MT4 HERE
We offer MT4 in versions for PC (Windows, Linux, MAC) or Android and iOS mobile operating systems.

How do I log into the MT4 trading platform?
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Login details (account number, password) are generated by our system after opening a trading account and are sent in a Welcome email to the email address you filled into the registration form.
Server name or IP address is as follows:

How do I change the password for the MT4 trading platform?
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In the event of forgetting your MT4 platform password, you may set up a new one in PurpleZone. Log in and click on the account you wish to change the password for. Click on the cogwheel next to the “Deposit” and “Withdraw” buttons. In the section “Password for MT4” choose “Master password,” put in your new password twice and save changes. 
If you have access to PurpleZone, you can reset it the same way as was mentioned before for real trading account.
You can also change the password via MT4. However, you need to know your existing password in order to do so. Use the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + o" (Options) and click on the "Server" tab. Afterward, choose the "Change" button. First, fill in your current master password, then fill in the new one twice below and confirm with "OK". 

What is the investor password to MT4 for?
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The investor password is used for logging into the MT4 trading account but without the possibility to open, close, or modify any trading positions, i.e. it is a read-only mode password. Investor password for real trading account can be set or changed via PurpleZone by logging in, clicking on the “Accounts” button, then on the specific account and then on a cogwheel symbol next to “Deposit” and “Withdraw” buttons. Once the account settings menu pops-up, click on “Investor Password”, fill in your new investor password twice and click on “Save Changes”. 
You can also change the investor password via MT4 through the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + o" (Options) and by clicking on the "Server" tab. Afterward, choose the "Change" button and check the "Change investor (read-only) password" box. First, fill in your current master password, then fill in the new investor password twice below and confirm with "OK". Your master password will remain unchanged. 

How do I log into the MT4 via smartphone?
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After installing the MetaTrader 4 application on your mobile device, open the app, click on the "+" symbol and select the option "Login to an existing account." Server name and login details are the same as when logging in on the computer.
How do I display all trading instruments in MT4?
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After login to MT4, go to the "Market Watch" section, use the right click and choose the option "Show All." Alternatively, instead of choosing “Show all” choose “Symbols” - this way you can also see all the available trading instruments organized in groups you can display or hide individually.
Where can I find information about trading instruments in MT4?
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All the information about trading instruments is available in the MT4 trading platform. Just right-click on the given symbol and choose "Specifications" in the window "Market Watch". In this section, you will find information about the minimum/maximum trading volumes, swap, trading hours, etc. You can find the list of trading instruments also on our website.
Why can’t I open trade in MT4?
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The most common problems with the opening of trading positions include:
a) Connectivity problems - Verify that the data is loading in the bottom right corner in MT4. This way, you can tell whether the connection and log in to a trading account are working. If the platform says “No connection”, it means that the connection to the server has failed (most likely due to internet connection issues). If the platform says “Invalid account”, it means you are not logged in and you are entering your login details incorrectly or that the account does not exist on the chosen server (verify if you have chosen the correct server as well). In this case, try again and double-check the information you are entering (no extra spaces; the name of the server has to be chosen from the list, not manually typed). New password for MT4 may be set in your PurpleZone without having to know the current password. The change is effective immediately.
In case you cannot find the name of the server in your platform, use the following IP addresses:
b) The symbol isn't available for trading - If you have an ECN account type, trade symbols named e.g. "EURUSD_ecn" and STP type “EURUSD_stp” (not EURUSD). Symbols without any suffix are not available for trading. All trading symbols can be accessed by right-clicking in the window “Market Watch" and selecting "Show all". All symbols available for your account type are black, inadequate ones are faded out. 
c) Wrong order volume - Verify if the trading volume is correct (i.e. it matches to the minimal lot and step lot values) and also verify the free margin.
d) Trading out of trading hours - Trading hours can be found in MT4. Use the right-click in the window "Market Watch" on the symbol and select the "Specifications". Please be informed that during the night transfers of liquidity pools the trading is disabled and it is therefore not possible to open, manage or close any trading order between 23:59:00 - 00:05:59 (MT4 time).
e) Check whether you are not logged in under investor password, which is for read-only mode. For trading, it is necessary to log in under the master’s password.
If, after checking the above, the problem persists, please send a screenshot of the whole platform to the  Support team at for a diagnosis, we will gladly help you solve the problem.

Where can I find the history of my trades in MT4?
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History of closed trades can be found in the MT4 trading platform. After logging in select "Account History" tab in "Terminal" section. By right-clicking on the window and selecting "Other period", you can change the period of displayed transactions. You can also generate a report with transaction history by clicking on "Save report".
How do I change the language in MT4?
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The language of trading platform MT4 can be changed in the upper menu bar by "View" -> "Languages".

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