Receive leverage 1:100 with Experienced Retail client classification

Recently, a Komisja Nadzoru Finansowego of Poland (KNF) has introduced a new category of retail clients for which lower margin requirements are applied. This category is called Experienced Retail Client (ERC) and clients who would want to classify as one will have to meet certain requirements. If you are interested in the lower margin requirements of ERC and criteria needed for this classification, please read on.

What is an Experienced Retail Client classification?

An Experienced Retail client is a retail client who is based in Poland and possesses the requisite experience and sufficient knowledge of derivatives according to the criteria below. Once the retail client meets these criteria and becomes ERC, he will receive the lower margin requirements, as well as higher leverage (up to 1:100) in all currency pairs and gold.

Experienced Retail Client’s trading conditions

  • Maximum leverage: 1:100
  • Margin Close Out Rule: 50% of the required margin
  • Negative Balance Protection
  • Continued eligibility to the Investor Compensation Fund    
  • Continued access to the Financial Ombudsman Service
  • Continued segregation of your client funds 
  • Should you consider yourself eligible to be an ERC and can meet certain criteria relating to your trading experience and knowledge of derivatives, you may choose to apply to change your status.

Criteria to qualify as an Experienced Retail Client

Country of Residence​

  • Poland

Requisite knowledge

Client applying for the ERC classification should have carried out at least one of the following activities over the last 24 months:
  • opening at least 10 transactions in CFDs with a nominal value of at least the equivalent in Polish zloty of EUR 50 000 each within the quarter in at least four quarters;
  • opening at least 50 transactions in CFDs with a nominal value of at least the equivalent in Polish zloty of EUR 10 000 each per quarter in at least four quarters; or
  • opening at least 40 transactions in CFDs within the quarter in at least four quarters, where the total nominal value of all opened transactions for the 24-month period under assessment is at least the equivalent in Polish zloty of EUR 2 000 000.
In order to acknowledge the respective brokerage that you have passed any of the three criteria of requisite knowledge, you will need to provide proof.

Knowledge of derivatives

The client should meet and provide evidence for at least one of these three criteria:
  • the client holds appropriate professional certificates (CFA, FRM, PRM, ACI, Investment Advisor (DI), Securities Broker (MPW, etc.)) or completion of a specialist field of study;
  • the client has completed at least 50 hours of training in the last 12 months in the area of derivatives, including CFDs, to be confirmed either by the relevant certificates or confirmation issued by the relevant organizer of the training or, in each case, provided that the organizer of the training has verified the client’s knowledge before any such certificate or confirmation is issued; or
  • at least one year of work experience in a position that requires professional knowledge of transactions regarding CFDs or other derivatives.

How to apply for the Experienced Retail client classification

Clients, who want to be categorized as Experience Retail clients must make the request in writing to our customer care team. We will then collect all the required evidence and review the application.
Clients already classified as Experienced Retail clients whose circumstances have changed and may wish to opt back to normal Retail Client status should email our customer care team immediately.

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