Interview with Marco Martire

Ambassador of Italian culture in our Purple family, intraday trading enthusiast and Italian sales representative, that's how you could describe Marco Martire in few words. Or you can read this brief interview and find out about his passion for financial markets and his hobbies. It's up to you!
The world of finance and trading might be quite intimidating for some. How did you get into it? What was the first spark?
I must admit that I was interested in the world of financial market since my teen years. Not only I was watching movies that were taking place in the world of finance but I also studied business and finance at University in Rome. And since I was already studying it I thought that it would be great to find a line of work related to this field. This dream came true in January 2019 when I joined the amazing purple family.
So you’re trading for over a year now. What do you like about it, were there already any successes?
I am still waiting for my first big trade but I can already say that within a year I’ve already absorbed so much information and experience that I will benefit from it in the years to come. Mostly because of the opportunity to work remotely from time to time with real experts in this field (P. Paciello, J. Tupý, A. Dulovec). Especially Adam gave me a great boost to study and develop my skills and know-how. I must say that I really enjoy analyzing the charts and identifying profit opportunities by following the trends and watching the global economic news.

That sounds great! Is there anything, on the other side, that you don’t particularly like about trading?
I like to say that trading is not easy, losing money is. Being an honest person, it bothers me to see how some of the competitors use dirty practices to earn money on their clients. That’s why I like working for Purple Trading so much because I can still be honest and tell our clients how it really is. Being transparent and humane is the way to go here. I believe that being a good partner to our clients and working hard and fair for them always pays off in the long run.

What do you prefer to trade?
At this point, I am focusing on forex and commodities. But I must say that since Purple Trading started offering Italian stocks, it’s hard to keep that focus (laugh). After all, I am Italian and the conditions for which we offer these stocks are really tempting.

What trading approach you prefer? Do you use any tools?
I would classify myself as an intraday trader who uses different types of indicators mostly CCI, Supertrend and also our own Purple indicators.

Let’s talk about the non-trading part of you. What are your hobbies and interests?
I am Italian which means I suffer from a certain genetic condition and that is a severe addiction to football (laugh). Football was part of my life since I remember, whenever I went, everything I did there was always some connection to this wonderful sport. And there still is. But I don’t want to sound crazy so I have to mention that I also love traveling and discovering new places and cultures. Well, and apart from Marco the football addict and Marco the traveler, there is also Marco the writer - but that’s for another interview :).

Marco Martire

Purple Trading Italian Sales Representative

When Purple Trading decided to expand to the Italian market we wanted to do it under one condition, to make our Italian clients feel like at home. No English support, no cultural barriers, just a friendly fellow-Italian on the phone, ready to discuss Purple Trading products in their mother tongue. Being an intraday trader himself, who is specializing in Forex, commodities and Italian stocks, Marco is here for you.


Marco Martire
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