Invest into ETF portfolios

Invest passively and for a long term from 20 EUR

Are you one of those types of people who are interested in investing, but never made their wish come true? Could it be because of all those numerous complex opportunities or insufficient funds needed for investment?

If we hit the nail on a head with these assumptions, you should pay increased attention. Because it seems that you were the person we have been thinking about when we decided to bring ETF portfolios to life and made it possible to invest into them.

If we should state 3 main advantages of ETF portfolios, it’ll be the following ones:

  • Minimum investment deposit, starting at EUR 20 / CZK 500 

  • Choice from 5 types of portfolios – to be able to distinguish between them and choose the right one was never so easy

  • Long-term and passive investment – you’ll deposit funds, free market will take care of the rest

What are the ETF portfolios like?

Some call them “indexed funds,” others reffer to them as “Exchange traded funds”. How you call them is not as much important as is the fact that each ETF portfolio consists of a group of equities or bonds you invest in while each of them remains unchanged. So, the possibility of speculation is removed and it’s only up to you to decide, where would you like to invest in. The rest will be handled by the invisible hand of market.

Conservative Portfolio

  • Shorter investment horizon – our recommendation: from 2 to 5 years
  • Less volatile during economic crises
  • Composition: 70 % in corporate bonds, 30 % in global stocks
  • lower expected profit, higher portfolio stability
  • more appropriate for a one-time investment, less appropriate for regular investments

Balanced Portfolio

  • Mid-term investment horizon – our recommendation: from 4 to 8 years
  • Medium volatile in case of economic crises
  • Composition: 50 % in corporate bonds, 50 % in global stocks
  • Balanced profitability, medium portfolio stability
  • Appropriate for both, one-time investments as well as regular investments

Dynamic Portfolio

  • Long-term investment horizon – our recommendation: 7 years +
  • Higher volatility in case of economic crises
  • Composition: 30 % in corporate bonds, 70 % in global stocks
  • Higher expected profit, higher volatility of portfolio value
  • More appropriate for regular investments, in case of one-time investment, consider splitting the amount to couple of smaller amounts over the horizon of few months

Global Equities Portfolio

  • Investment horizon from 10 years
  • Very volatile in case of economic crises
  • Composition: 45 % U.S. joint stock companies, 40 % European joint stock companies, 15 % joint stock companies of developing markets
  • High expected profit, high volatility of portfolio value
  • Recommended for a long-term regular investment

Industry Equities Portfolio

  • Investment horizon from 10 years
  • Very volatile in case of economic and industrial crises (respective ones)
  • High expected profit, high volatility of portfolio value
  • More appropriate for “speculative” investors who see potential in respective industries, who want to take advantage of temporary market drops etc.
  • Composition: now, two industry ETFs focused on health-care and companies operating their business in products and services focused on customer 60 years +
  • Over time, other interesting industry ETFs could be added
  • Recommended for experienced investors

And the price?

Naturally, even in case of investments into ETF portfolio, we will charge some fees, derived from the operation costs. For the purpose of maximum transparency, we will write them down now and you can find them also in your PurpleZone.

  • Front Fee = 0 %
  • Management Fee for keeping your account = 0.99% p.a. from the actual account balance
  • Calculated and settled on monthly basis, always from the value (assets) of client account at the end of the last trading session in month in respective exchange for such ETF
  • Zero transaction fees (except for immediate termination)
  • To have a clear big picture, it’s necessary to state that each ETF has also its “own” fee, in average of about 0.2 % p.a., not included into the Management Fee. However, this fee is included in each ETF instrument and it’s not deducted as a separate transaction. This means that this fee is already incorporated in a historical performance of each ETF.
  • In the same way and for your benefit, this also applies to dividends belonging to respective stocks. These are always reinvested and the actual price of each ETF is increased by them as well as your equity.




So, if you are interested in investing into our ETF portfolios, open a real account with us and move to PurpleZone. You are only couple of clicks from your investment.

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