Think of the success of your investment, think globally!

Long - term passive investment from 500 CZK
From 500 CZK
Yield cca 5-12 % p. a.
Low fees

Think of the success of your investment, think globally! With Purple ETF portfolio from 500 CZK. Investing in stocks of companies from smaller global economies may be the best decision you make today Ask experienced investors how to properly distribute your invested capital. We guarantee that spreading investment in the various world economies will be one of the first to be mentioned. Because if you want to invest smart, it's also worth thinking about smaller economic players. And "smart" seldom means "expensive", which is why we offer our Global Stock ETF portfolio from a minimum deposit of CZK 500. See if it fits you.

What are ETF portfolios

It is a set of shares or bonds of companies, in which you can invest at once. There can be up to several hundred titles in one portfolio, always with regard to the largest potential return and the maximum possible risk reduction. An example is our Global Stock ETF portfolio, which consists of shares of the largest American and European companies. At the same time, a significant part of it also consists of shares of companies from emerging economies.

Benefits of investing in ETF portfolios

  • Low fees (you can invest with us from CZK 500, ETFs are also not managed by a portfolio manager, so you save on commissions)

  • Distribution of investment risk (you do not bet everything on the shares of one company, but on a group of companies)

  • Passive investments with dynamic potential

Why the ETF Global stocks portfolio from Purple Trading?

The main benefit of this portfolio is a higher chance of mitigating the investment risk associated with economic crises. By investing in our Global stocks ETF portfolio, you can expand your investments in various global economies. This will increase their chances of resisting a possible drop in price. At the same time, some shares of companies from developing economies (so-called emerging countries - India, China, etc.) can gain dynamically in price. You can never determine with absolute certainty which economies of which countries will go up in the coming years. This method of diversification is common practice among experienced investors.


For example, the ETF Global stocks portfolio that we offer in Purple Trading consists of 45% of the shares of the most stable and largest companies in the USA, 45% of the shares of companies in the EU and the remaining 10% are shares of companies from emerging countries. Companies whose ETF shares can be found in this portfolio include companies such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Johnson & Johnson, Alphabet, Allianz, Loreal, Linde, Alibaba, Samsung Electronics.

45% iShares Core S & P500 UCITS ETF


  • About 500 companies

  • The largest and most stable company based in the USA

  • Currency USD

  • Total cost of the fund (TER): 0.07% p.a.


40% iShares Core EuroSTOXX 50 UCITS ETF


  • 50 companies

  • invests in the largest companies based in the EU

  • currency EUR

  • total cost of the fund (TER): 0.1% p.a.


15% iShares Core EM IMI UCITS ETF


  • about 2800 companies

  • invests in emerging market companies

  • USD currency

  • total cost of the fund (TER): 0.18% p.a.


total cost of the fund (TER): 0.18% p.a.



0% entry fee, no other fees from the target amount in advance

0.99% management fee per year from the value of the portfolio (charged on a monthly basis)


Investment horizon - long-term from 10 years

Invest smart, globally and cheaply - from 500 CZK.

CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 76.60 % of retail investors lose their capital when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.