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Being one of the most valuable abilities in the skill set of successful traders, technical analysis teaches you how to spot trading opportunities but also takes months or even years to master.

Luckily there is also a faster and smarter way how to learn it and we in Purple Trading are more than happy to introduce it to you.

It’s called Market Scanner and our clients will get it for free.

So what Market Scanner does?

  • Automatically identifying potential trading opportunities

  • Helping traders with risk assessment

  • Making you a more experienced trader

And how does it work?

  • By scanning massive packets of market data and processing them into chart pattern formations or Fibonacci patterns straight into your MetaTrader platform.
  • By offering Volatility Analysis - an important statistical information on the instruments they trade based on which traders can decide how to set stop-loss and take-profit levels
  • By providing educative materials such as video tutorials which will teach you to understand its data projecting features like Fibonacci patterns, or Chart patterns

Surely there are many other tools and indicators that can help you with technical analysis, so what are the main benefits of Autochartist?

So why should you choose Market Scanner?

All in one

  • We already mentioned that there are many other tools that can replace Market Scanner, but we might have said it wrong - it takes many other tools to replace Market Scanner.

Educative approach

  • Autochartist company provides many video tutorials and training guides which will help you to learn everything you need in order to use Market Scanner chart pattern formations, Fibonacci patterns, and technical analysis efficiently and effortlessly.

Assessing risk

Thanks to in build Risk Calculator feature, Market Scanner can help you with setting amounts of funds you are willing to risk on a trade. It even provides you with recommended trading volume to assure that you will stay within your risk tolerance.


  • Leaving Market Scanner to provide you with all the information at once would certainly make your Metatrader illegible the least. That’s why you can fully customize your search criteria and filter out unwanted data - just make it your own way!
  • Is your trading balance on a single trading account over 1000 EUR at all times? If it is then you can use special VIP feature which will allow you to customize your trading opportunities. It comes in a form of drop-down list where you can select minimum probability value. So if you wish to be shown only patterns with probability of 65% or greater - simply click on 65% in the list and Market Scanner will take care of the rest.

Filters - As you can see filtering out undesired data formations is really simple.


  • In the simplest way - Market Scanner analyses massive amounts of market data and then alerts you if there’s potential trade opportunity - a skill for which you would otherwise need years of experience and marketing insights can be this way learned in a much less time.

Works on Demo accounts

  • Do you want to try out Market Scanner but don’t have live account with us yet? Market Scanner gives you the opportunity to test its functions even on demo accounts, with only difference from live account and that is 5 candle delay. Try out Market Scanner on demo account and you will admit that this program is one of the reasons why to go live with us!

  • Market Scanner is not just one of the other tools and indicators we offer for free to clients who open a live account with us. Everything we do is with certain purpose and that is educated and confident client who is able to make informed trading decisions.

If you wish to be that kind of trader, click on the button bellow - open a live account with Purple Trading and start with Autochartist assisted Forex trading tomorrow!

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