Purple Strike indicator

Download our unique Purple Strike indicator that was made by forex specialists to analyze trends of currency pairs or any other market. Based on the analysis of millions of historical data, we created a mathematical model that can capture market movement and identify the current start of a trend.


Based on our evaluation, its predictions are very interesting and it can be a very good and useful analytical tool. And even though the indicator is based on a very complicated analytical model, the end user (the trader) will have no problem reading it as it simply and clearly shows the expected market movement.


The only thing you will have to set as a user is the period of the indicator. The value is set at 5 by default. But naturally, it always depends on the market and the time frame you choose. If you want to react at lightning speed, you can set the period at 3. If you prefer long and undisturbed trends, you can set the period at 10 or 20. It is completely up to you to decide and set the period of the indicator.

Why is Purple Strike indicator unique?

  • It displays very few false signals
  • When it does change color (displays a signal), the chances are a new trend is starting
  • There is no frantic repainting every second
  • It does not repaints on closed candlesticks
  • When it signals a trend, it isn’t influenced by correction
  • It can often signal a trend all the way to the very end
  • It can often identify a trend right from the beginning – it is not delayed

Launching the indicator is very simple:

  1. Turn on your Purple Trading MT4 platform. (If you do not already have a trading account with Purple Trading, you can open a demo trading account HERE, or a real trading account HERE).
  2. Click the “File” tab in the upper left corner and choose “open data folder”.
  3. Open the “MQL” folder and then “Indicators”.
  4. Insert the downloaded file (indicator) to the “Indicators” folder.
  5. Quit and relaunch the Purple Trading MT4 trading platform.
  6. Purple Strike Indicator is now ready to use.

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