Macroeconomic calendar

An essential tool for every fundamental trader. It displays the main macroeconomic events for a current day in chronological order. Once released, events from the macroeconomic calendar tend to impact market prices. Therefore, technical traders are advised to follow them as well.
Real Time Economic Calendar provided by

How to read the calendar

For each macroeconomic event,

  • you can read its value from the recent release (on the right),
  • the value that is expected by analytics (in the middle),
  • and finally, the most current value (on the left).
As a trader, you should be interested in the discrepancy between the current (left) and expected (middle) values. The bigger the discrepancy the bigger impact on the market.


Events are categorized as follows:

Most impactful​

Once released, they can affect markets significantly.

Moderately impactful​

Lesser impact -still able to affect markets after released.

Least impactful

Low impact affecting markets is not probable.

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