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Issues with Pfizer vaccine. The Airbnb IPO looking better than expected

The rapid development and approval of the vaccine carries certain risks, of which government officials and pharmaceutical companies must have been aware. Nevertheless, everyone is quite surprised when the first patients who had been vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine have experienced side effects to a greater extent. Meanwhile, Airbnb is entering the stock market with higher than expected demand, bringing the subscription price above the estimated price range. The company will receive a total of $ 3.5 billion.

People with allergies should avoid the Pfizer vaccine

The approval of the Pfizer vaccine in the UK has been relatively smooth, and similarly, rapid progress can be expected from European and US regulators. But recent news revolving around the Pfizer vaccine’s first patients might change the viewpoint of European and US regulators yet. Just days after vaccinations began, the British regulator warned that people with a history of significant allergic reactions should avoid being vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine, at least with its current version. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) could advise Americans with severe allergies not to use Pfizer as well. The FDA is due to discuss emergency vaccine approval today. The subject of the negotiations will undoubtedly be an allergic reaction in Britain, and the vaccine may not even pass, but it’s possible that only a recommendation similar to that issued by the British regulator will be made.

Americans can still wait a little longer for their vaccine. The problem seems to be the complex distribution of the vaccine. However, the Russian vaccine is not without its problems either. A Russian health official told citizens they should not drink alcohol two weeks before and six weeks after the vaccine. However, there is no evidence to suggest any relationship between alcohol consumption and vaccine efficiency, although alcohol has been found to weaken the immune system. Russia has been distributing its Sputnik V vaccine since August. At the same time, however, there are no clinical studies on the effectiveness of the Russian vaccine.

Airbnb's valuation rose to $ 47.3 billion

The American company Airbnb has entered the stock market. The long-awaited IPO of the American company DoorDash took place on Wednesday, which was a huge success. DoorDash is the largest distributor of ready meals in the USA. Airbnb’s IPO was perceived as similar and the company valued one share at $ 68. In the end, the final price turned out much better than originally expected, mainly due to high demand from institutions. The original price was estimated at between $ 44 and $ 50. Thanks to the IPO, Airbnb will receive $ 3.5 billion and the company's valuation will reach 47.3 billion. In April, its valuation was estimated at 18 billion and the IPO did not seem like a good idea.

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