cTrader vs MetaTrader 4: Risk management

There are many risks in Forex trading. That’s why the ability to correctly manage risks and protect your own capital should be the top priority of every single trader. Today, we will take a closer look at how the cTrader and MetaTrader 4 platforms reflect this reality. What risk management functions they have and how we can use them.

This video is all about:

  • A comparison of risk management features in MT4 and cTrader
  • How to assess and manage your risks with cTrader features

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MT4 and Risk Management

Even though MetaTrader 4 is undoubtedly one of the most frequently used trading platforms among the retail traders, it doesn’t offer many functions that could help them to asses the risks while placing the trading orders. This means that traders using this platform don’t have the possibility to evaluate the volume of their position in relation to a certain risk level. Therefore, It’s not uncommon for traders on MT4 to be caught in the middle of a risky situation which is caused by the unnecessarily large position being placed. If you are not skilled in calculating the risks manually, MT4 will not help you with this in any way.

cTrader - Don’t gamble, trade!

Apart from MT4, the cTrader offers several features for proper risk management. This allows traders to fully focus on analyzing the market and planning their strategies rather than working out the correct position size in order not to put their accounts at risk each time they place a trade.  

For every order being placed, the cTrader will automatically count:

  • The size of the position you are risking (in pips or overall value)
  • The commission required to open the position
  • Equity percentage risked

Have you found yourselves at the wrong side of the market? Just open the Reverse position!

In case the trades are not going according to your plan and you are receiving signals on left and right telling you that you are on the wrong side of the market, you can solve it by opening a reverse position. The reverse position will close your current trade and open a new one in the opposite direction. At the same time, as the trend continues your way, you may gradually increase the trade volume thus increasing your overall position. Eventually, you can also opt-out for advanced protection where you may stop loss to break-even.

You will find all these functions also on the cTrader mobile platform

Finally, you can trade from anywhere without compromises.

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