cTrader vs MetaTrader4: Placing orders

Placing an order is the most essential function that any trading platform has. After all, it only makes sense because, without the ability to place orders, any trading platform would be just an app that displays charts. It could seem that there is not much to improve on such a basic function as order placement but that’s not true. In this video, we will show you why.

This video is all about:

  • Placing orders in cTrader platform
  • Comparison of order placement on cTrader and MT4
  • New order types on cTrader platform

Quick and simple order placement 

Placing an order in the cTrader platform is possible in multiple ways. To place waiting orders such as Buy limit or Sell stop, you don’t click on the exact spot in the chart (as in MT4), instead, you can choose the order you wish to place and then change its position simply by clicking and dragging it across the chart.
The biggest advantage of cTrader is certainly the automatic order placement feature thanks to which the platform sorts out what order to place by itself. This way, you don’t need to worry whether to place a limit order or stop order because you can modify the order type or volume whenever you want.

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New types of trading orders in cTrader platform

Apart from the MT4, the cTrader allows you to place Buy or Sell limit order. This order type will enter the market only in predefined trading range. This can save the trader from unexpected high volatility scenarios. With Stop and Stop limit orders you can change the entry price on bid or ask or set how many ticks above or bellow does price has to go until you enter the market. This will prevent you from sudden gaps which could lead to immediate stop loss. However, we suggest trying this feature on our demo account first.

Plan your trades on weekends

If you have ever analyzed markets over the weekend wanting to place a waiting order on MT4 you know that it’s not possible. However, that’s not the case for the cTrader as this platform lets you place waiting orders even during weekends when markets are closed. This way you have the possibility to plan your trades more carefully, think each step through and enter the new trading week on the right foot.

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