Will the individual states be able to process correspondence ballots on time?

Correspondence voting has so far been used by a record number of Americans, and individual states may begin to prepare for an even greater frequency in the next two weeks. However, record interest in the middle of a pandemic raises concerns about whether all ballots can be counted in time and whether some states will hand over their ballots’ results with a slight delay. Preliminary polls, however, suggest that everything should be done, and incumbent President Donald Trump can prepare a possible alibi if he ends up defeated.


Uncertain outcome

The coronavirus pandemic and the fear of a contagious infection have fueled interest in correspondence voting, which has been breaking records in recent days. Most Americans don't even need to wait for the last presidential debate to take place tonight in Nashville, Tennessee. A number of changes are being prepared for the debate, which Donald Trump, in particular, will not like at all, as well as the growing interest in the correspondence vote, about which he said several times that it would lead to widespread fraud and did not say whether he would hand over power to Joe Biden in the event of a loss. 

Candidates will be muted for a period of time. Each has two minutes of uninterrupted time at the beginning of each thematic block. Each of the six blocks should last fifteen minutes. Discusses will include Covid-19, climate change, or racial unrest. This is a reaction to the previous debate when Donald Trump kept interrupting his opponent. 


Some states will take longer to count votes

Not only does Trump not have to acknowledge the outcome of the election, but there are also concerns about possible delays in processing some tickets that will be sent by mail. However, the reality is that most states can start counting ballots before election day itself, thus avoiding delays. However, there are three key states - Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan, where counting votes is not allowed before election day, which can delay results. By law, the results in these states cannot be processed until the morning of November 3.


Graph: Map when individual states can start counting votes. tickets (Source: cnn.com)


More than 1 million ballots have already been cast in each state. They can't even start counting ballots in Alabama and Mississippi before election day. In Michigan, they can then start counting tickets in some major cities the day before the election, but officials warned they did not expect a full count by November 6, leaving voters in states, where Trump won the last election by half a presentation point, in expectation.


In Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan, Biden is leading two weeks before the election. His advantage is also in the fact that he has higher cash available, which he can use to campaign in countries that are not yet on the side of either of the candidates. Florida remains the key state, with Joe Biden winning for now, but Donald Trump reportedly plans to take steps to gain voter support on his side. It is also at stake that a week before the election, both candidates will visit all states where the results are not clear. Also of interest is the greater financial support of Donald Trump from oil companies in the USA.

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