As a client of Purple Trading, you can choose from three types of accounts.

Let's look at them closely.

Your capital is at risk.

The Loyalty Program

It would feel kind of embarrassing for us to name 3 types of accounts and not have something else to offer you apart from that. Something that would make you feel pampered and educated at the same time. Something that would make other traders look at you with admiration and just a little bit of enviousness. Simply something that would reward your trading activity by enabling you to grow professionally and become a better trader as a result. Fortunately, we don’t need to feel embarrassed because we’ve got that “something” for you and it’s called The Loyalty Program.

Trader status

With Purple Trading loyalty program you have the opportunity to reach 4 trader statuses: Starter, Standard, Prime and VIP.
​And you can do so in three different ways:

  • Deposit Amount

  • Balance Amount

  • Duration of your Trading Activity

​However, you can reach it by fulfilling just one of these three requirements.

From 100 to 1 000 EUR
From 100 to 1 000 EUR
From 1 000 to 20 000 EUR
From 1 000 to 20 000 EUR
> 6 months of active trading
From 20 000 to 60 000 EUR
From 20 000 to 60 000 EUR
> 12 months of active trading
Over 60 000 EUR
Over 60 000 EUR
> 24 months of active trading
CLASSIFICATION: Retail / PRO clients (1:400)
LEVERAGE: Retail clients 1:2 - 1:30, Professional clients up to 1:400
COMMISION ON ECN ACCOUNTS: 10 USD/lot on Starter, 10 USD/lot on Standard, 8 USD/lot on Prime and 5 USD/lot on VIP account.

Why to choose a Loyalty Program?

The main purpose of the Purple Trading loyalty program is not to disadvantage the traders with lower statuses and therefore force them to try to gain a higher status. That’s why the basic trading conditions are the same no matter what status you have. It doesn’t matter if you’re a VIP trader or you have an account with Starter status. Pure DMA/STP liquidity, swift execution times, and positive slippage; low deposit and withdrawal fees and no trading limits, these are the conditions that we offer to all our traders without exceptions. 


The Purple Trading loyalty program awards also those who trade in a more active manner and perceive their trading as a more long-term activity. This means that you don’t need to trade with staggering amounts in order to reach a higher status. All you need to do is to show a little bit of trading enthusiasm and prove to us that trading forex is not a one-time thing for you.


And what better is there to award the active traders than to grant them the opportunity to improve their trading skills and therefore to increase their chance to potential profit? That’s why the Purple Trading club doors are always open for those who reach the Prime status. And if you’ll go all the way up and reach the highest status - VIP - you will be given access to the exclusive educational zone or personal consultations and individual analysis from professional traders.


But that’s not all, exclusive discounts and rewards are also a part of our Purple Trading loyalty program.

Basic features
Pure DMA / STP liquidity
Our trading servers are directly connected to the liquidity basket within the Equinix LD4 centre for the execution of trading orders in London. Thanks to that we execute all trading transactions with incredible speed within milliseconds.
Fast execution and positive slippage
Direct connection of our servers with our liquidity basket secures us 57% of executions within 75 – 79 ms and 15.63% of positive slippage.
No trading limits
For the purpose of setting up your account, it’s necessary to deposit only €100 or its equivalent in another currency. All types of trading are supported, unlimited amount of trading orders allowed.
Low deposit and withdrawal fees
Overview of all deposit and withdrawal fees may be found here. All Neteller and Skrill deposits are free until the end of September 2019.
Purple Strike Indicator
Purple Strike indicator helps with market trends prediction. Based on analysis of a large number of historical data, we have created a mathematical model that is able to detect market movements. Thus, it’ll determine any starting trend with high probability.
Purple Bands Indicator
Purple Bands indicator will allow very precise detection of potentially interesting trading opportunities in financial market. This indicator is often able to determine the situation, when the market price is already overbought and it will likely begin to drop, or conversely, when the market price is undervalued and it’ll start to rise soon. 
Purple Extreme Indicator
This indicator looks for extreme situations on the market. Such extreme situations mean either a strongly oversold market, where the price has potentially reached its peak, or a strongly overbought market, where the price has potentially reached its bottom.
Trading tools and market analysis
Market analysis sent via email
Those interested in this service will receive market analysis from Autochartist up to 3x a day (always ahead of any trading session) to their email. These emails contain the most interesting price formations and movements occurring in the market over the last hours.
Extra trading tools for MT4
Mini-terminal for an easier entering of basic and smart trading orders, comprehensive risk management calculator (including the dividend calculator and the “drag and drop” functionality), market news and calendar streamed directly into the platform, etc.
Technical analysis and trade signals in MT4 (coming soon)
Market Scanner from Autochartist will monitor the development of instruments, selected by you, 24 hours a day and will notify you in case of forming interesting formations or price levels at respective charts automatically.
Free VPS server located in Equinix next to our MT server
Are you an algo-trader with the VIP status having also an ATS (automatic trading system) you need a VPS (virtual server) for? We will provide it to you for 3 months for free. However, the ATS must really run on this server, after which we can individually prolong the VPS for you. VPS serves for launching and a non-stop operation of your ATS and it will be located close to our MT server at the London Equinix data-centre to achieve the lowest latency possible. Besides this, the VPS may keep your account and positions protected from the dropdowns 24/5.
Individual algo strategy / EA coding
We will program AOS for the MT4 platform to VIP clients with Balance over 20,000 EUR. Programming will be free of charge while everything depends on an individual agreement. However, you should have a clear imagination about your strategy, so it is possible to provide it to the programmer.
Personal development and education
Mentor application
The Mentor application monitors activity and discipline in real time. If you breach the rules, preset by you, you’ll get a notification. Thus, the application is helping the traders to control the risk effectively, keep their emotions under control, improve their self-confidence and, in particular, to establish the right trading behaviour.
Individual trading analysis
Statistical analysis of trading will help you find and highlight the strengths or hold back the weaknesses of your strategies. After its connection with the Mentor application, it’ll allow you to compare the results per any period with Mentor or without it. You’ll see the relationship between discipline and results immediately. In an ideal case, you’ll adopt successful behaviour and habits by using these tools.
Personal trading analysis done by a professional trader
Thanks to this service, we will analyse your trading once per year for free. The analysis will be performed by a professional trader from the FTMO.com project. Besides statistical data, this evaluation will contain also comments, assessment of impacts on trading results and personal recommendations.
Loyalty rewards and discounts
Algo traders StrategyQuant discount (-40%)
StrategyQuant is a program for an easy formation of AOS (automatic trading systems)that may be handled even by newbies. Its lifelong licence costs $1,500.00, but if you’re going to operate automatic systems only at the Purple Trading servers, you may get it for $900.
Dedicated Account Manager
As a Prime and VIP client, you have your own personal Account Manager available for a call at any time. Of course you may turn to our client support team at any time as well.
Free deposits and withdrawals
For Prime and VIP clients, we cover fees for all deposits credited to trading accounts, as well as withdrawals from them via bank wire transfer, credit card or via Skrill and Neteller e-wallets.

Your capital is at risk.
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