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SymbolSwap longSwap shortContract sizeMin. trade sizeDividend charges

*DAX is a total reinvestment index. The underlying stocks have withholding tax charges on any dividends paid. This needs to be taken into consideration by our LPs when calculating the index price to better track the underlying market. Please note that after dividends settlement, there may be a correction in your trading account. This means that when you hold an opened short position (SELL) you will receive a reverse dividend credit to your trading account and conversely, when you hold an opened long position (BUY) you will be charged a reverse dividend debit. Our liquidity provider unfortunately does not provide us with the exact dates when the correction occurs.

Dividends on CFD Indices

Please note that trading positions in stock indices are subject to cash adjustments reflecting the weighted effect of dividend payouts. More information may be found here.

Dividends will be credited to or debited from your account on ex-dividend day. The credit or debit transaction will be based on the type of position (long or short) you are holding from the preceding day. If you hold a BUY position, we will credit you the dividend. In case of SELL position, the dividend will be debited from you.

If you hold your positions open for longer than a day, please be careful and aware of the upcoming ex-dividend dates. You can find them in the table below. The overview has informational character only. Changes may apply.


Swap is listed in points (except for indicies which are in percentage terms).

Important: Changes in our swap interest rates and calculations shall be at the Company’s own discretion and without notice. Rates may change quickly due to market conditions (changes in interest rates, volatility, liquidity etc.) and due to various risk related matters that are at the firm’s sole discretion. Your account will then be credited or debited accordingly.

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