How to install and launch Purple indicators on OS X (Mac) devices

As a part of a Purple Toolbox a set of exclusive tools suitable for tackling down the technical analysis, Purple indicators are chosen by increasing the number of our clients.  If you want to know why you now have the opportunity to try them for free both on our demo and live accounts. This tutorial will show you how.

But before we start, we have to mention that traders using MacOS face a little more complicated situation as the developers of the MetaTrader platform do not offer an official version of MT4 for OS X. Therefore, OS X traders have two options, thanks to which you can put Purple Indicators into operation in such operating systems.

New macOS Catalina does not support 32-bit applications, so this OS does not even support the installation of MetaTrader.

1) Registration

In case you have not registered with Purple Trading yet, you can do so now either by clicking HERE for opening a live account or HERE for a demo account. In both cases, the registration is for free.

2)    Download the platform

If you’re already registered, but you have not downloaded and installed the MT4 platform from Purple Trading yet, use the following link for download here

3) Login into MT4

After the platform is launched, you’ll be requested (see the image below) to enter login data.

Fields:        Login – enter login, received by e-mail
                    Password – fill the password you selected during registration
                    Server – select server, stated in the same e-mail as login

Purple indikátory pro MacOS


4) Download Purple indicators

Download Purple Bands
Download Purple Strike
Download Purple Extreme
Download Purple Levels

5) Open the folder “Downloads”

7) Un-zip

File with indicators can be found in a .zip format. It’s necessary to unzip it by a double-click. The file should have an .ex4 ending.

8) Open the MT4 platform

In the MT4, click at the top left side to the “File” tab and choose the option “Open Data Folder”

9)    Find the indicator file

In MT4, find the path through the “Open Data Folder”, then use the following path: this computer > Z folder > users > your name > downloads > ex4file > click by right mouse button and copy.

10) Move upwards

Now, use the arrow to move upwards to “This PC”

11)    Find the correct folder - Indicators

Find the “Indicators” folder for MT4: go to This computer > C: > Program files –>Purple Trading MT4 > MQL4 > Indicators > insert.

12) Insert Indicator

In the indicators folder, use the right mouse button and insert indicator.

13) Restart MT4 

Afterwards, you can find the indicator in the Navigator window.

14) Draw the indicator

Indicator will be drawn by moving the indicator to the chart window and by pressing “OK” 

15) Indicator Customization Options

Each of the individual indicators can be customized. For example by setting notifications, periods, or customizing of displayed colours according to your preferences. 

And that’s it, indicators are ready to use now

You can download this tutorial

Would you like to know exactly how
our indicators work?

Ask Marco.

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