The most interesting Strategies - Q3 2020

What was the performance of selected Strategies in the third quarter of 2020? Is there anything new and interesting in the list of available Strategies?

Atlantis Low

The Atlantis Low strategy has been traded at Purple for almost a year now, and for the time being it has maintained quite good results. In the previous quarter, we pointed out the relatively higher floating loss it held in open positions on the GBPNZD pair, which actually climbed over -15%. However, the providers managed to resist the situation and Atlantis Low closed the third quarter with a positive balance and clean slate.

July:  + 0.91%
August: + 1.2%
September: + 2.94%

Swing Trading

Trading or investing in the forex market is not without risk, and it is therefore fair to show the downside, which is sometimes related to it. In the previous quarterly summary, we presented you a promising strategy called Swing Trading. It had a rather short track record, but a very interesting one. However, the provider of this strategy was unpleasantly surprised by the development around the British pound in September, and he actually recorded his worst performance in his trading history. Unfortunately, the strategy even reached the level of Capital Guard of -30% and had to restart its trading after. Nevertheless, most investors showed confidence in it again and reconnected their accounts. It will therefore be interesting to watch how it is going to continue and how will the strategy manage the current busy period.

July: + 5.3%
August: + 7.82%
September: - 29.68%


This is also the strategy we presented last time.

As can be seen from the chart, the results for the last three months have been only slightly positive, but even that can be considered a success. It will be important what the next development will be and whether its provider will be able to build on the great results from the past. We will definitely be watching.

July: + 0.18%
August:  + 0.35%
September: + 0.6%

Perpetuum Investments

The first newcomer to today's overview is Perpetuum Investments strategy, which is a part of the new miniFX Strategies section in PurpleZone. The strategy trades Price Action on higher timeframes and uses a swing style. We actually asked its provider for more details, and you can read a more extensive interview with him HERE. In addition to the trading style and the results themselves, this strategy can also be interesting for you due to the very low minimum deposit - from 100 EUR.

July: + 7.17%
August: + 1.69%
September: + 1.47%


The second newcomer for today is another swing strategy - PALMARY STRATEGY.

The strategy performs only a few trades per month and operates on larger timeframes. It regularly searches for entries on up to 28 different instruments, and can have a maximum of 10 positions open at a time.

The relatively low Performance fee and also the rather conservative setting of the CapitalGuard level may also be of interest to investors.

July: + 2.62%
August: +1 .06%
September: +1.35%

This is all about our selected FX/CFD strategies.

Has any of them caught your attention? Or would you like to know more about them? Each available Strategy, its actual performance in real time, history of their trades and any other necessary information may be found in your PurpleZone at any time.

Or do you have a Strategy that could compete with these ones pretty well? Contact your Account Manager or write us here and we’ll be glad to show you what kind of opportunities we offer for cooperation.

At the end, we would like to inform you that the information stated here or in PurpleZone is always related to the past performance; however, the past development represents no guarantee or reliable indicator for future profits. Please, take into account that your net profit may differ depending on the time you invested your funds, due to the fees related to use of the Strategy (Performance fee, Management fee and/or Front fee), but also on the basis of potential differences between the performance of EUR, CZK or USD versions of the Strategies.

CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 76.60 % of retail investors lose their capital when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.