The most interesting Strategies - Q1 2020

What was the performance of selected Strategies in the first quarter of 2020? Is there anything new and interesting in the list of available Strategies?

Strategies with a long history at Purple Trading:


Turtle strategy can be found in our offer for a relatively long time and we appreciate its performance by now. Last year, its performance was not stellar, but we need to appreciate that as well. The reason was Brexit and an uncertain situation related to British pound, representing the main currency pair this Strategy works with. High success rate of trades and high volatility in the markets over the last months brought its fruit and interesting results. The disadvantage of Turtle may be the relatively high setting of the CapitalGuard level that should be considered before the investment.

January: +1,02 %
February: +1,4 %
March: +7,13 %

Stel4x Opti [EUR]

Stel4x Opti strategy consists of a combination of several trading systems and this mix reached a nice profitability in the previous quarter in closed positions. However, we need to point out this Strategy carries also a couple of open positions  from the end of previous year, that are currently in loss.

In a regular monthly report to investors, the strategy provider also informed that new robust systems from professional UK and Australian traders were added to the portfolio. So, we are curious to see the impacts of these changes and what the performance will be like in the next three months.

January: +0,69 %
February: +1,69 %
March: +3,65 %

OceanBlue Fund

OceanBlue Fund is a Strategy that you could see in our offer from the beginning and that has already experienced better as well as worse times in its history. Even today, we can’t say that its performance would be significantly better than the performance of other Strategies. Conversely, after an optimistic end of the year, the first quarter was not much successful. But OceanBlue Fund is a “fighter” for sure. Providers of this automatized strategy from Italy still fully support it and believe in its long-term potential. They are constantly looking for new and new opportunities for its use and work on its upgrades. And that all with keeping a relatively low risk of it - it has one of the lowest CapitalGuard levels, more specifically -15%.

January: -0,11 %
February: +0,28 %
March: -1,51 %

Jackson Capital JC07 Classic

“JC07” (our abbreviation for this Strategy) experienced a relatively turbulent period, just as the markets did. This is a strategy with the longest verified real history in our offer, provided by traders from an Australia hedge fund with multi-year experiences. Unfortunately, over the last year, this strategy experienced some bigger losses and eventually reached the CapitalGuard limit. However, investors who did not lose confidence in it, could enjoy very interesting results over the last few months and, in particular, the results in March were remarkable. Albeit it was not able to fully recover from its losses yet, it will definitely be interesting to monitor its further development.

January: -3,86 %
February: +2,79 %
March: +16,49 %

Atlantis Low

Selected newbie for the Q1 2020 is the Atlantis Low strategy. Although we can see a very long verified history on its real account, it was added to our offer only recently. Its performance curve is almost unbelievable and almost free of any loss. To be honest, we have seen something like that with some other Strategies in the past, and it did not end well each time, so we will monitor the Strategy carefully further. Low Performance fee and CapitalGuard level could be pretty interesting for the investors.

This Strategy uses a swing trading style, in particular with exotic pairs, as e.g. EUR/GBP, CAD/JPY, NZD/JPY, GBP/CHF etc. We will see how it's going to perform in the next quarter.

January: +3,14 %
February: +0,4 %
March: +0,44 %

This is all about our selected FX/CFD strategies.

Has any of them caught your attention? Or would you like to know more about them? Each available Strategy, its actual performance in real time, history of their trades and any other necessary information may be found in your PurpleZone at any time.

Or do you have a Strategy that could compete with these ones pretty well? Contact your Account Manager or write us here and we’ll be glad to show you what kind of opportunities we offer for cooperation.

At the end, we would like to warn you that the information stated here or in PurpleZone is always related to the past performance; however, the past development represents no guarantee or reliable indicator for future profits. Please, take into account that your net profit may differ depending on the time you invested your funds, due to the fees related to use of the Strategy (Performance fee, Management fee and/or Front fee), but also on the basis of potential differences between the performance of EUR, CZK or USD versions of the Strategies.

CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 76.60 % of retail investors lose their capital when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.