An investment product that changes the rules of the game

Forex trading consists of speculation on price developments between certain currency pairs. Although the industry carries a significant degree of risk, it also offers some of the most attractive potential returns.

Min deposit 100 EUR

How does it work

The authors of the MiniFX Strategies we offer, are professional Forex traders with several years of experience in trading in investor capital. Each of the MiniFX strategies has a set minimum deposit amount of CZK 2,500 and is additionally equipped with CapitalGuard technology. We have developed this to protect your capital from further potential losses with a more dynamic way of investing. If they really do happen, CapitalGuard will automatically disconnect your account and prevent further losses.

We are changing the investment game

Reducing the minimum amount to CZK 2,500 gives a completely different dimension to finding the optimal investment portfolio. There is no need for large sums to test whether a given investment product meets the investment appetite of the investor.

Every investor should follow simple instructions when investing to avoid the risk of large losses. These are, for example, diversification (distribution of risk into more products).

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