cTrader vs MetaTrader4: Overview of basic functions

In another video from our series cTrader series, we will compare the functions of the cTrader trading platform against its most popular competition, the notorious trading platform MT4. How do both platforms compete against each other in terms of risk management or cross-platform data synchronization? Watch our video below.

In this video, you will learn

  • How do cTrader and MT4 compare when it comes to risk management features
  • What makes cTrader shine among its competition
  • Features that make cTrader a platform adaptive to your needs

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cTrader - a trading platform with proper risk management

When it comes to a path toward stable profits, risk management should be a stepping stone for each trader. That’s why it makes sense that trading platforms should offer features that would help its users with the proper execution of risk management. When we look closer, the MT4 is many steps behind the cTrader as, apart from the paid plug-ins, it offers literally nothing.
With cTrader, you can set what percentage of capital you are willing to risk for each trade. This goes for both new and already opened positions. With MT4, on the other hand, you cannot do any of these things, and the only way how to calculate your risk is on the calculator. Oh, and did we mention that all the cTrader functions work also on the cTrader mobile app?

cTrader and risk management:

  • You can set the percentage of capital you are willing to risk for each trade
  • It’s possible to change the risk amount on opened positions
  • Works also on the cTrader mobile app


The future of trading belongs to cTrader

Although the MetaTrader 4 is still one of the most frequently used trading platforms, the truth is that it’s more than 15 years old. Moreover, Metaquotes, the developer studio that is behind MetaTrader 4, has recently announced that they are not planning any updates for this platform in the future. In the everchanging industry of online trading, that’s quite a big problem as trading technologies are quickly evolving and requirements for positive user experience are higher by the day.
The cTrader, on the other hand, is a platform that is undergoing constant development based on the feedback from the trading community. This means that new features such as chart patterns, economic calendar, market depth information, and many more, are still being added.

Find out what other functions does cTrader offer

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