Providing the trading strategy is now simplified

We believe in the power of innovation, in empathy and uniqueness. We believe in each individual trader who is so good that he can profit in the financial markets. We believe in you.

That is why we don’t ask you for compromises. We build tools that simplify your everyday work. We support you and help you in all the aspects of professional trading. Different platforms and PAMM modules. Tools and features that protect you and your investors.

This is what being ”The Strategy Provider” means to us.

EU compliant solution

EU compliant solution

A PAMM solution that assess the suitability of investors, against the PAMM account investment policy, prior allocating funds into that, ensuring that the allocation reflects their financial profile.

We always listen to what you need

We always listen to what you need

Don't be satisfied with standard brokerage offers. Our specialist will listen to your needs and requirements and will suggest you the individual spread conditions with various income possibilities.

Various useful tools & features

Various useful tools & features

Copy system, different PAMM modules, customer zone designed for investors, comfortable partner zone for customers overview and a lot of other technical solutions described below.

First 3 advantages


We are cooperating with strategy providers who use our top edge technology solutions and regulated environment.


We offer high speed liquidity for Forex and CFDs on Commodities and Indicies.


Our customer zone was built especially for investors' needs.

How does it work?

You trade on one master account and we at Purple Trading take care of the rest. All you have to do is choose what type of fee you would like to charge the investors for your trading and which model you would like to be rewarded upon:

  • PERFORMANCE FEE Shared profit, in this case your commission is based on the profits on the investors’ accounts.

  • MANAGEMENT FEE A regular monthly fee based on the amount of the investor’s capital to your strategy.

  • FRONT FEE (DEPOSIT FEE) You receive a fixed percentage of every new deposit the investor makes to your strategy.

Additionally, Purple Trading will ensure to present to our clientele details of your trading history. If you have a long-term profitable history on your real account, you will have more opportunity to join our client network and get access to a pool of potential followers.

We bring the utmost comfort for strategy providers - you trade only one Master account and we take care of the rest.


Automatization = 2Cs, Comfort and Control

A great advantage of our solution is that all the fees from the clients’ account are automatically charged and then forwarded directly to the Strategy Provider’s account. Once a month, you receive a report with detailed list of fees you received from the investors. You have maximum control over your results in a comfort environment of our PurpleZone.

Connecting to your strategies in just one click!

Your clients do not have to sign any Power of Attorney, those times are long gone. However, they have to pass an investment questionnaire and their risk profile has to match with the profile of your strategy. Afterwards, the investors can connect to your strategy in just one click of a button!

Thanks to our unique PurpleZone, all our clients have a non-stop access to their results. At the same time, they may deposit more funds or withdraw it, and connect to or disconnect from your strategies.

Strategy Provider

Why should investors choose you? Here’s a reason!

The reason why to choose your strategy (and a big plus, too!) is a function called the Capital Guard. It monitors the drawdown of the trading account of the Strategy and once it reaches a level each Strategy Provider sets himself in advance, all the positions are automatically closed to avoid further loss on the investors’ accounts. Thanks to our solution you may provide your followers an additional safety and security measure.

Are you trading PAMM already? And do you have a license?

It is important to mention that providing strategies, trading signals and capital management falls under regulation and requires a valid license for portfolio management. If you are already trading PAMM and you do not have such license, you are exposing yourself to a risk of very high penalties. Thanks to our unique solution, immediately after passing our conditions, you may begin to offer your strategies in regulated environment throughout the EU.

And 6 important features for your investors


Around 95% of Managed programs or Copy trading solutions are unregulated. Our solution is fully regulated in EU.


The client funds are fully segregated from the company funds and secured by the investor compensation scheme up to certain extent.


We choose only secured and regulated banks as the locations for customers' deposits.


The funds of every one of our client are registered and insured directly under his name within our partner banks.


Easy-to-use real-time overview of your investment, possibility to stop at any time and no-blocking period for your funds.


As a VIP customer you can set-up your individual capital protection based on your maximal risk appetite.