Story behind Purple Trading

Purple Trading provides innovative international brokerage services supported by Purple Technology. We have a vision changing the rigid principles in financial sector and coming up with ideas breaking down the established status-quo.

We do not come from prehistoric world of major financial corporations. We are visionaries, innovators and we bring the change, which is a little bit purple, into the world of financial markets.

Purple Trading is a project, where innovative technology company Purple technology s.r.o. joined forces with L.F. Investment Limited, which is an investment company licensed in the EU, approved to the reception and transmission of orders, and also to manage the assets for all financial instruments. The company is authorized to provide investment services across the European Union and is therefore registered with the local regulators such as FCA, Czech National Bank, NBS, BaFin and more.

Purple Trading is also part of the “Purple” brands that operate in multiple fin-tech related projects. The “Purple” brand was founded by the experienced people in finance industry who succeeded in multiple regions across the world, with the main focus on Asia and Middle East. Purple Trading itself was launched 4 years ago and from the day one it has been developing, improving and providing the innovative technologies and systems to Forex brokers and other fin-tech companies.

Management team

David Varga, Executive director

Studying parallelly in Faculty of Business Administration and Faculty of Law in Masaryk University in Brno, David graduated with Master’s degree in Business Management and Bachelor’s degree in International Commercial Law.

David excels in the organizational skills, product and procedure development, brokerage and MT4 back-office processes and in the business communication.

He is cooperating with Purple Technology from its very beginning and he was one of the founders of Axiory Europe project where he worked as the Head of Back-office operations.

“Purple Trading is following our great work and success of Axiory Europe project and I am proud that we have even better chance now to challenge the status-quo in finance industry with the „Purple brand“.”

— David Varga, Former COO at Axiory Europe, currently Executive Director at Purple Trading

Jan Roh, CEO

Is a long-distance runner and needs challenge. He likes to organize and find solutions. He became a part of Purple minds already years ago and since that moment he is eager to create positive changes in the financial sector, especially on Forex.

Jan manages the Purple operations locally in the Cyprus headquarters. He takes care namely of the team in the offices, relationships with external service providers, ensures full compliance with the regulation and coordinates it altogether with a business perspective and purple vision.

Jaroslav Tupy, Head of Prague Office

Jaroslav graduated with the Master’s degree from the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague and studied also an MBA program at the British Open University in Prague, where he has been awarded The Professional Certificate in Management. He has been giving lectures on Financial Markets at various colleges and universities for more than 20 years.

He is also the financial and commodity markets enthusiast with 20+ years of real trading experience. He has advanced knowledge of Fundamental and Technical analysis. With his years of practice with brokerages at various positions (Sales Manager, Senior Sales Manager, Head of Customer Support, Premium Account Manager, Head of Prague office of Axiory Europe) Jaroslav is a very valuable asset to Purple Trading.

He is the head of Prague representative office where he takes care of the business development for central Europe.