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Although it may not feel like it, you are treading on academic grounds right now. This web section will serve a grand purpose - to educate and inform traders. Don't feel like a trader yet? Even better! We are preparing articles, ebooks, videos, and webinars which will help you to become one!

So if you want to start trading, broaden your horizons, or simply be up to date with current news on the financial markets, Purple Academy is the right place to be.

Purple Trading Club

Discussing interesting trading opportunities with other traders is half of the fun of the whole Forex trading. Discussion forums are not bad but nothing beats the possibility to spend the whole day with 10 other traders and talk about ups and downs of trading craft over the coffee with them.



List of all written content that has ever been published from Purple Trading. If you had stumbled upon a text in the past, that you would like to read now but it seems that it’s nowhere to be found now, then be sure to look here.

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