Trader Status - FAQ

Whenever a new product is introduced there's an influx of questions that are connected to its functioning - here are the most frequently asked questions about Trader Status programme. 

Which account should I choose?

  • When you’re opening an account, all you need to do is choose a currency. We will automatically open an STP account for you. In order to trade via ECN account, you need to open a new account in PurpleZone. And if Crypto account is what you want then contact our support team and they will open one for you.
  • In order to invest into investment strategies, choose a random currency in the registration form and if you fulfill requirements for connecting to strategy, you will be able to choose any strategy that is suitable for you in PurpleZone, your investment account will be opened automatically. 

Who is eligible?

  • All self-traders that can utilize advantages as spread discounts etc. in their trading (see more about these advantages in the "Loyalty rewards and discounts" table here ). Clients who are actively trading on their own on stp, ecn or crypto accounts.

How to ask for an evaluation of my status?

  • Apart from trading on a self-trading account, there’s no need to do anything – we will evaluate you automatically and inform you about it via email.

How do I find out what status do I have?

  • You can check your current status in PurpleZone. Should your status change, you will be notified via email.

What does „months of active trading“ mean?

  • Each month that has at least 1 closed trade is considered as a month of active trading. Based on the number of these months (6,12 or 24) you can receive higher trading status. An important thing to mention is that these months don’t need to be in consecutive order. That is also a loyalty reward which you won’t get anywhere else. This rewards traders who are with us long enough, and prevents them from descending any lower from the status they already have or losing status advantages.

I’ve already deposited financial funds in order to gain Primer/VIP status but I am still on Standard/Primer trading status, why is that?

  • We evaluate trading statuses of all our clients simultaneously at the end of each month. This means you have to meet all the necessary requirements for trading status promotion not later than on the last day of the month. This way you have a whole month to meet the requirements and if you do, you will be awarded new status the very next month.

I am self-trader but I don’t wish to have my trading activity evaluated, what should I do?

  • Just let us know by contacting our customer support. We will give you the basic conditions and will perceive your trading status as a „Starter“. Also, we won’t evaluate you any further or send you emails etc.

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