Turtle Fund

Turtle use an Expert Advisor to manage trading operations, the  Auto Money Management (the risk for each trade) is set to 2 %.
The system run on my own server and, whenever possible, I constantly watch the open trade.
In the 98 % of the cases the strategy open in the right direction and close the trade in a few hours, sometimes in a few days.
The remain 2 % of the cases, when the strategy open in a wrong direction, after a loss of about 150-200 pip, it open a recovery trade in the same direction of the initial trade with a higher lot size (from 3x to 6x depend which pair is involved). 
This way, thanks to small movements towards the right direction the strategy closes all trades in overall profit.
Actually the system works with EURUSD and GBPUSD currency pair. 
Only one trade is open at a time.

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Your capital is at risk.
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