A Modern Phenomenon – Cryptocurrency CFD Trading

There’s no doubt that cryptocurrencies are one of the top innovations in the financial world nowadays. As a fair and technically-oriented broker, we have also added Cryptocurrency CFD trading into our advanced trading infrastructure finally.

You can therefore try buying or selling the most popular current cryptocurrencies by using the financial leverage with number of benefits provided by Purple Trading. Here you may find a list of available cryptocurrency CFDs and trading conditions.

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Your Capital is at Risk.

Main benefits:

Trade both directions

Trade both directions

Are the prices of cryptocurrencies falling? No worries. With us you can trade cryptocurrencies in a direction of your choice, so you can speculate also on the downturn of certain cryptocurrencies as well.

Financial leverage of 2:1

Financial leverage of 2:1

Trade with even 2 times bigger positions than your original account balance with low fees charged

Minimum deposit 100 EUR

Minimum deposit 100 EUR

Start even with low capital and trade with small fractions of cryptocurrencies.

Try it out with a dry run

Open a demo account for free and try cryptocurrency CFD trading with virtual capital. You can have as many demo accounts as you wish without any commitments.

Real account ready in 24 hours from registration

At Purple Trading we pride ourselves on high-quality, quick and friendly client support. We have a long-standing experience with client care and will deal with your registration or requirements quickly and professionally, all within a fully EU-regulated environment.

Trade on other global markets

Has CFD trading caught your eye? Purple Trading gives you the chance to speculate on price movements with other global instruments as well, including traditional instruments like currency pairs, stock indices, or precious metals and commodities.

Trade anywhere

With us, you can trade cryptocurrency CFDs both via the basic version of the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform on a PC or Mac, as well as on the mobile version of our platform (for iOS and Android) anywhere and at any time pretty easily.

Trade automatically with the help of robots

Thanks to trading via the MT4 platform, you can trade cryptocurrencies without the need for manual interaction, with the help of robots and more complex automatic systems. MT4 allows you to use advanced automatic technical analysis tools, such as indicators, as well.

Control your profits and losses automatically

Use advanced orders such as Stop Loss, Trailing Stop and Take Profit for better control over your results, even with such extremely volatile instruments.

In addition, with Purple Trading you can trade cryptocurrencies and feel safe about your deposits:

  • Since, with CFD trading, you don’t own any physical cryptocurrency, you don’t have to worry about your assets being stolen from the exchange by some hacker attack.

  • Thanks to this, you can get your funds almost immediately and it is furthermore impossible to send them to anyone else but you.

  • Trade without concerns about a negative balance! In the event of losses exceeding your capital, we will reset your balance to 0.

  • The security and protection of your deposits are among the top priorities of Purple Trading. All funds deposited by clients are separated from company funds and regularly audited.

Your Capital is at Risk.
Risks related to trading CFDs on cryptocurrencies (also known as ‘virtual currencies’)

Prior to trading CFDs on cryptocurrencies you should be aware of the following:

  • These products are complex and high risk and as such come with a high risk of losing all the investment capital.
  • The value of these products can widely fluctuate and may result to a significant loss over a short period of time.
  • These products are not appropriate for all investors and for this reason you should not trade in such products, unless you have the necessary relevant knowledge and experience and you fully understand the specific characteristics and risks related to them.
  • Please make sure that you carefully read the clauses related to cryptocurrencies in our Terms and Conditions and ensure that you fully understand the risks associated with trading CFDs on cryptocurrencies.

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Your Capital is at Risk.

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