Technical solution

Purple Technology

It is a set of technologies which allows us to bring you top quality. Thanks to our technology, you can be sure that the execution of your trades will be fast and precise. Thanks to our size and 100% accessibility requirements, our servers must communicate without any issues. We have managed to reach a response up to 1ms and thanks to our Purple Technology, we execute an order within 100ms on average.

We ensure the most important thing, which is a high-quality base for your trading. The technology we use processes thousands of orders per day and during the peak times even per second. We grow continuously, and our years of experience are invaluable when we need to set things in a transparent and secure way. Reliability and stability is seen as top priority and we are here for you at all times.


Doing business in forex means to have numbers, statistics and volume under control. Spark is designed to clearly report deposits, withdrawals and returns of the clients’ capital. Thanks to the technology you will have an immediate overview of your commission account and you will know what’s going on with your business. Spark is not only a reporting system, but also a strategic partner which will help you make important decisions.


We are constantly making sure we are on the client’s side and we perfect our sophisticated systems to protect the client’s capital. It seems right to define the maximum level of risk, and that’s why the CapitalGuard technology gives you the option to limit a possible loss. We are not only checking the balance, but also the development of the current equity. In case the pre-set level is reached, our system automatically closes all opened positions.

Statistics online

In order to provide a transparent solution, we have decided to publish trading statistics online. Do you want to know the average speed of execution? Are you mainly interested in maximum slippage or the development of spread over time? We are not hiding this, because we believe we don’t have a reason to do so. All of this clear data and graphs may be found here. You can compare the solution you have now with what you could have with us.