Why is it important to meet the requirements of regulation?

Offering investment services on Forex and CFD is a regulated business

Regulation in Europe is becoming more strict and the Investment Firms which do not follow the rules are being punished with fines or even revocation of their license. That is the reason we believe that from a long term point of view, it is vital to choose a partner who can meet the strict regulation requirements and can offer high flexibility and freedom at the same time.

Are you trading PAMM already? And do you have a license?

It is also important to note that client’s capital management through PAMM also falls under regulation and thus requires a valid license for portfolio management. If you are trading PAMM the standard way under you name already and you do not have a license, you are a subject to large fines. Thanks to our unique solution, after meeting our requirements, you can immediately begin to offer strategies to our clients in a regulated environment throughout the EU.

Doing things the right way pays off

Doing things well means doing them right. Doing things right means doing them the way you ought to. It would be difficult for you to trade without complying with legislation. You are disobeying the law and might face disciplinary actions from the regulator’s side. Just one dissatisfied client and a complaint at the regulator might be catastrophic for you. With our solution, we can help you. We fall under a fully regulated entity with a portfolio management license. When we agree on a mutual cooperation, we will provide you with the entire solution which is useful and transparent both for you and the clients. Throughout the entire history of the Purple Trading brand, not a single client’s complaint has been brought to the regulator.

Break free from your fear - build business

Doing something you shouldn’t means you have to do it in the shadows and in fear. Under these conditions, business rarely grows. Solving this problem means opening the door to other opportunities and evolve, gain unshakable confidence in your business and solid ground.

Honesty as a brand building

To be honest, it is always better to say “We cooperate with a stable and strong partner in a fully regulated environment” than searching for an excuse why I am not meeting the most basic conditions on the market. Appear as an honest person is one thing, but actually being an honest partner is another. Show that you truly care about the clients’ best interests the same as we do. The times of shady Power of Attorneys or sketchy invoicing are long gone. Our solution is transparent and simple to use. The clients appreciate it as well.

Regulation as a relationship, not as a problem

The relationship between you and us will be based on an agreement of signal providing. You provide a signal by placing it to the trading platform and we allocate it further. You are the ones who decides about the strategy. We add our Purple technology and our complex solution. It is simple, fast and effective for you. Transparent, clear, and safe for the clients. And most importantly - everything takes place in a fully regulated environment.