Be a leader in financial market industry

We believe in the power of innovation, in empathy and uniqueness. We believe in each individual business man who is able to succeed in financial industry. We believe in you.

That is why we don’t ask you for compromises. We build tools that simplify your everyday work. We support you and help you in all the aspects of business activities. We build products that make you different. Tools and features that allow you to get a customer on board much easier and to have the customer network under complete control.

Financial products that attract

Financial products that attract

Having only the standard MT4 platform is not enough. We have created products that are good for professional traders and also products for end investors who just want to benefit by following successful strategies. You will always have a technological advantage trading through us.

Easy boarding of customers

Easy boarding of customers

We know that the most important for your business is to close the deals. This is why we created the on-boarding process as easy as possible and a possibility to provide client's documents through your smartphone in just a few seconds.

Your structure under live control

Your structure under live control

We understand that business is not just about you. We therefore allow IB structures up to 3 levels. And when you are already in the business you can have the tools to control your business network in real-time.

Purple Trading is a regulated brokerage and portfolio management company passported to the majority of European Union countries, providing real market access using Purple Technology solutions.

Financial products that attract more customers

With Purple Trading you can always offer something more. Platforms, tools and trading instruments that we provide will refresh your actual business and help you to attract more customers, to have everything under more control and with less work.

MetaTrader 4

A common trading platform improved by Purple Trading. Analyze charts with an almost unlimited number of indicators. Download or create automatic strategies or just trade manually.Everything is supported by a high quality STP liquidity and any trading style is allowed.

Investment strategies

We developed an innovative environment where interesting trading strategies are presented. In just one click, suitable investors can trade exactly the same way like professional traders. All strategies have a verified history from real account.


It is not just a usual client zone. It is the zone where the investor can easily see his profits, where the trader gets analysis of his own trading, and where both of them can easily manage their accounts - make deposits, withdrawals, edit profile and bank account information.

Bussines Partner

Why to become a introducer of Purple Trading?


Purple Trading is a group of people that believe business in Forex can be done differently. Honestly, securely and more friendly.


Our vision is to have profitable clients. The satisfied clients will recommend our products to others and thereby increase the number of your own clients and your commissions.


Do you have your own creative ideas on how your business should be? Let us help you to transfer them into reality and build the business of your dreams.


Start by recommending our products and build a business with us. If you show you are skilled in this business you could potentially start your own investment company with our help.


Don’t worry about creating your own materials. Just focus on building this business and we will create everything you need. Let us know and have a look at some examples we use.


When you start the cooperation with us you will receive your own business development representative who will help you to build your business.

If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it

Business in financial markets is like any other. You need to control your income, see which customers are the most important for you, how does their portfolio perform and much more. We do understand that you need this control and that is why we are continuously improving the introducer section.

In our introducer program you get access to all relevant information about your whole customer base – while adhering to the applicable Data Protection legislation - plus we are creating a introducer zone where you will see all your business details - monthly income, traded volume, new deposits etc.

And what is probably the most important - we are linking strategy providers with our business partners and introducing them together in order to create a new unique relationship. Thanks to this you have an opportunity to meet our top performing strategy providers, gain new experience and their personal know-how, and enhance the whole cooperation.