Be your own boss with a vast technical and legal base

Are you a profitable trader who wants to move forward? You can either trade under someone, for someone or start your asset management business. In the first case, you are losing your freedom. In the second case, the legislation and administration will take more of your time than the trading itself. With us, you don’t have to worry about neither of those scenarios. Our systems are designed to save you as much paperwork and extra work as possible. We will help you with the legislation, provide you with the technology which will allow you to grow, and you will gain your much needed freedom.

According to your strategy and at your own pace. With us, you don’t have to push yourself into trading. We do not expect minimum volume and we will not determine your target return. Your trading, your rules. We want to have as many high-quality strategies in our portfolio as possible, which means we need to find high-quality traders. Then we create the conditions they need for their trading strategies for them. Do not make any compromises elsewhere. Just trade the way you are used to with us.

And meet new people. Trading doesn’t have to be lonely. Our team has years of experience not only with capital markets, but we also have a lot of contacts which you might need. Are you looking for a strong partner? Do you look for new potential clients? Do you have an EA (Expert Advisor), but cannot optimize the result effectively? Do you just need to make sure you are on the right path? We or our partners can help you with all of this. With us, it’s not just strictly about trading. We build relationships and we love putting them to a good use. Join us.

Every activity that is related to finance requires maximum transparency and responsibility. We meet all legislative and technical norms. We have a clear structure and a professional team. A friendly Client support. A responsible Relationship management. An experienced Compliance department. All of these people are ready to do their best for your trading and give you as much space for your work as possible. When you grow, we grow as well.