We bring maximum comfort to strategy providers

You trade one master account and we at Purple Trading take care of the rest. All you have to do is choose what kind of fee you would like to charge the investors and which model do you want to be paid by:

Performance Fee

This is a profit share. In this case, your commission is based on the return performance on the investors’ accounts.

Management Fee

In this case you receive a monthly fee which is based on the capital of the investors connected to your strategy.

Front Fee (Deposit Fee)

In this case you receive a set percentage of each new deposit of an investor. At the same time, Purple Trading will present your trading history to our current clients. In case you have a long-term profitable strategy on a real account, we will allow you to reach our current network of potential followers of your strategy.

Company regulated in EU

We offer a solution for Strategy Providers who can use the top-notch technologies in a regulated environment.

High-quality STP DMA liquidity

We offer quick execution of orders for Forex and CFD for commodities and indices.

Client zone designed for client’s comfort

We have designed it so that the investors clearly understand the performance of their investments.

Protection of your strategy

Thanks to PurpleZone, our clients have a real-time access to their account and they don’t have to use the outdated MetaTrader or any other platform. This also brings an advantage of them not being able to copy your signals and your strategy.

You trade one Strategy account and we take care of the rest

Automatization = 2C, Comfort and Control

A big advantage of our solution is that all fees are automatically deducted from the clients’ accounts and forwarded straight to the strategy provider’s accounts. Once a month you will receive a report with detailed information about fees you have received to your account. You then have a full control over your performance in a comfortable environment of our PurpleZone.

Connecting to your strategy in one click!

Your clients don’t have to sign any Power of Attorney, these days are gone. Nonetheless the clients must submit an investment questionnaire and their risk profile must match the profile of your strategy. Afterwards, the clients can connect to your strategy in one click! Thanks to our unique PurpleZone all the clients have a clear overview of the results. In PurpleZone, they can also deposit or withdraw the capital and connect to and disconnect from your other strategies.

Advantages for investors

Company regulated in EU

Approximately 95% of all automated systems or copy tools in the world are not regulated. Purple Trading solution is fully regulated throughout the EU.

Client protection

Clients’ funds are separated from the company’s funds and they are also insured up to a certain point in case of the company’s bankruptcy under the Investor Compensation Fund.

Money in European banks

One of the options for clients’ deposits are wire transfers to Sparkasse bank, which is the well-known EU regulated bank.

Client funds are insured up to 100,000 EUR per client against the banks’ bankruptcy, as per the EU Law.

Control and accessibility

Simple overview of the investment and the option to disconnect from a strategy and withdraw all funds at any time are great advantages as opposed to other investment options.

Individual CapitalGuard

As a VIP client, you can set your own individual protection of capital based on the risk level you are willing to accept.